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Episode #1 - Clouds - 31st July 2008
(encyclopod-080731.mp3 1:03:29)

Episode bits:

0:00:36 - Putting voices to names

0:04:20 - What we thought we knew

0:07:33 - How are clouds formed?

0:12:04 - Cloud types

0:35:51 - Clouds that look like things, and other tangents

0:42:54 - The ground cloud

0:46:05 - Clouds on other planets

0:59:46 - Contact information, and wrapping up

Links and sources:

Wikipedia - Cloud; Extraterrestrial atmospheres

The Cloud Appreciation Society

Windows to the Universe - Cloud types

YouTube - Cloud Types; Cloud Types again; Cloud Formation; How to Predict the Weather by Reading the Clouds

Cool Things: 10 Very Rare Clouds

Weather Wiz Kids: Clouds

The Internet Encyclopedia of Science: Clouds

Weather Doctor: Luke Howard: The Man Who Named The Clouds

Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Press Release Images: Opportunity

Mars Pathfinder: Clouds, Sunrises and Sunsets on Mars Mars Clouds Higher Than Any On Earth

Astronomy Today: Jupiter, the largest planet

More on cloud types

Another, very thorough list of cloud types

The Dorling Kindersley Pocket Science Encyclopedia (ISBN 0-7513-5248-9)

The Dorling Kindersley Concise Encyclopedia of Earth (ISBN 0-7513-5494-5)

Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Guide - Weather (ISBN 0-86318-578-9)

Science in our World - Weather (ISBN 1-869860-35-7)

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