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Episode #2 - Chocolate - 9th August 2008
(encyclopod-080809.mp3 1:05:43)

Episode bits:

0:00:21 - Another introduction

0:03:23 - What we already knew

0:06:27 - Cacao trees and the early days of chocolate

0:12:23 - Chocolate goes to Europe

0:16:32 - The big four chocolate companies and their founders

0:40:10 - Journey of a chocolatier: the making of Chocolate

0:47:50 - How to eat chocolate

0:50:21 - Heather's study corner

0:56:00 - Fairtrade and unfairtrade

1:03:32 - Goodbyes

Links and sources:

Wikipedia - Chocolate; Cacao; Big Chocolate

wikiHow - How to make chocolate; How to eat chocolate

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Immune Support: Chocolate's Potential Health Benefits

All About Chocolate: History of Chocolate The History of Chocolate

4Health: Chocolate

Xocoatl - The Cacao Tree - The Cacao Tree

History of Cadbury

Milton S. Hershey

Birmingham Post: Tesco loses battle of Bournville

CorpWatch: Africa: The Dark Side of Chocolate

Practically Edible: Mars Family

Inventor Henri Nestle Biography

NNDB: Forrest Mars

Mars Incorporated Cocoa Sustainability: Child Labor

Joseph Fry

Fairtrade Foundation: Chocolate

Ethical shopping guide to chocolate snacks and sweets

Penn Museum: The earliest chocolate drink of the new world

YouTube: Cacao beans, amazing for the skin

The Book of Firsts (ISBN 1-84403-027-X)

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