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Episode #4 - Socks - 24th August 2008
(encyclopod-080824.mp3 0:56:51)

Episode bits:

0:01:19 - Welcome to Encyclopod

0:02:50 - What did we already know?

0:04:54 - The history of socks

0:13:07 - Why they're important

0:21:07 - Fashion corner

0:27:23 - Other types of hosiery

0:37:28 - Sock etiquette / sockiquette / etisock / esockette

0:41:00 - Missouri University's sock study

0:43:49 - Other uses for socks

0:53:15 - Thank you socks, sorry listeners

Links and sources:

Wikipedia - Sock; Hosiery

History of Socks

A Brief History of Socks and Hand-knitted Footwear

Lonely Sock

Why We Need to Wear Socks

h2g2: Alternative Uses for Socks

wiseGEEK: Wbat are the Different Types of Hosiery?

Ann Miller Biography

History of Socks

Gradient Compression for Healthy Legs

YouTube - How to Knit Socks

Socks 101 (how to make socks)

Sweaty Feet

The Lowly, Downtrodden, And All-But-Forgotten Socks

BBC News - Roman conquerors had woolly socks

The Guardian - They came, they saw, they wore socks with sandals

Origin of the word Sock

Socks, a history

Selecting Socks

Diabetic Socks

Toe Socks

Mizzou Team Researches Best Socks

AAPSM: Socks and Your Feet

AskMen.com: White Socks

St. Nicholas and American Christmas Customs

Tights vs. Stockings

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