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Hello, and welcome to the old-style website of Encyclopod! We make podcasts that aim to be half educational, half fun, covering simple but interesting topics that everyone should know about but a lot of us don't. Get started by downloading shows from below or from the archive, or learn about us by clicking the links above!

latest episodes:
The Life of Shakespeare - 11th May 2010 - download
Alcohol - 24th July 2009 - download
Radio - 2nd July 2009 - download

Latest episode: The Life of Shakespeare
posted by Alex on 11th May 2010 at 00:48
"Regulars Alex, James and Euan talk about a literary genius perhaps rivalled only by Jesus: William Shakespeare. Fires, dung-heaps, far-fetched theories and amazing language things abound! Grab a fish and get stuck in!"

As if you need any extra incentive to commit an hour of your life to listening to three oddballs inexpertly piecing together the life of a long-dead playwright from meagre scraps of evidence, the above will make marginally more sense once you've listened to our latest episode.

Another will hopefully follow within a few weeks! Thank you, and goodnight.


New website, new approach, and oops! another new year
posted by Alex on 28th April 2010 at 15:40
If Encyclopod has taught me anything (and I like to think it has) it's that making a podcast, especially one which requires you to research a fairly big topic beforehand, takes time. This Summer, time is something I should have an abundance of. And so, Encyclopod shall return.

I'm not going to make any big promises, but let's say I have a few ideas that might help keep the podcast going through slightly busier times (though maybe not the busiest times). The schedule will no longer attempt to be fortnightly (that never worked anyway), but will depend entirely on how busy we all are. I'll explain the other ideas some time soon. For now, know that a new episode is on its way, and it's about the life of some guy called Will.

Talk at you soon!


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