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Episode #3 - Elephants - 18th August 2008
(encyclopod-080818.mp3 1:18:19)

Episode bits:

0:00:18 - This is Encyclopod week 3

0:03:29 - What did we already know?

0:05:45 - The basics of elephants: size, weight, lifespan etc.

0:07:54 - Different elephant types: African Bush, African Forest, and Asian

0:11:04 - Elephant anatomy: tusks, trunks, ears and all that

0:22:22 - Behaviour, social structure, migration, sex, and babies

0:31:27 - Intelligence, painting and experiments

0:46:01 - Musth and miscellany

0:49:15 - Evolution and related species

0:56:03 - Uses for elephants

1:03:18 - Famous elephants

1:06:39 - Ivory, conflict and conservation

1:15:15 - Final impressions

Links and sources:

Wikipedia - Elephant

YouTube - Mythbusters: Elephant vs Mouse; Elephant Polo in Thailand; Electrocuting an Elephant; Elephant Painting

Snopes - Elephants Fear Mice; Elephant Painting

BBC Science and Nature: Elephant Diaries

BBC News - Bees to make elephants 'buzz off'; Call for ban on trade of ivory

Elephant Encyclopedia - Trunk

Elephant Information Repository - Dentition

WWF-UK: Elephants

World Elephant Polo Association

Evidence for mammoths on Wrangel Island

Elephant Celebrities: the most famous elephants in the world



Mammoths, Mastodons and Elephants

Bee Buzz Scares off African Elephants

Widespread Elephant Slaughter Discovered In Chad

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Save The Elephants

The Mark Steel Lectures: Hannibal

Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Guide: Elephant (ISBN 0-7513-6005-8)

Dorling Kindersley: Animal (ISBN 0-7513-3427-8)

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