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Episode #1 - Clouds - 31st July 2008
In the first ever Encyclopod podcast, Alex, Gavin and Stuart talk at length about clouds, how they are formed and which ones you can safely walk on, as well as sharing their unfortunate lack of amusing cloud-related stories.
(encyclopod-080731.mp3 - 1:03:29)

Episode #2 - Chocolate - 9th August 2008
Gavin and Alex are joined by new girl Heather for a discussion of chocolate. Where does it come from? What does it feel like to eat it? Are Jaffa Cakes biscuits or cakes? Why am I asking questions I already know the answers to?
(encyclopod-080809.mp3 - 1:05:43)

Episode #3 - Elephants - 18th August 2008
In an episode you'll never forget, Gavin, Heather and Alex discuss large ears, the hand-nose, ivory and that big grey thing in the middle that joins them all together. It's like taking a dust bath, but with knowledge instead of dust!
(encyclopod-080818.mp3 - 1:18:19)

Episode #4 - Socks - 24th August 2008
Alex and Heather try to restrain new boy Timmy as he insults everyone under the sun, though most of it is edited out. In what's left of the episode, they discuss socks and hosiery of all descriptions, dish out hot fashion tips and sing, sing, sing!
(encyclopod-080824.mp3 - 0:56:51)

Episode #5 - Life in Ancient Egypt - 15th September 2008
Gavin tries to avoid catching Alex and Heather's cold as we settle down to chat about everyday life in Ancient Egypt, marvel at wonders and wonder at marvels, choose our canopic jars and admire Gavin's diligent practical research.
(encyclopod-080915.mp3 - 1:20:55)


Episode #6 - Radio - 2nd July 2009
After months of static, Alex and Gavin return with new guests James and Euan, for the geekiest Encyclopod yet! Expect FM jokes, plus details of the BBC's secret digital broadcasts and Gavin's shocking toilet radio schemes.
(encyclopod-090702.mp3 - 1:32:49)

Episode #7 - Alcohol - 24th July 2009
The entire Encyclopod crew unites for this slightly tipsy discussion of alcohol, its types, its uses and its many dangers. First drinks are taken, uncomfortable anecdotes are shared, and subjects from the recovery position to Van Gogh's ear are discussed.
(encyclopod-090724.mp3 - 1:22:39)


Episode #8 - The Life of Shakespeare - 11th May 2010
Regulars Alex, James and Euan talk about a literary genius perhaps rivalled only by Jesus: William Shakespeare. Fires, dung-heaps, far-fetched theories and amazing language things abound! Grab a fish and get stuck in!
(encyclopod-100511.mp3 - 1:01:37)

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