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Episode #5 - Life in Ancient Egypt - 15th September 2008
(encyclopod-080915.mp3 1:20:55)

Episode bits:

0:00:13 - Hellos, welcomes, colds and Londons

0:04:43 - Facts we already knew

0:07:17 - An incredibly brief history

0:09:18 - The river of life

0:12:04 - Farming, food and drink - also, state socialism!

0:17:50 - Houses, furniture, craftsmen and workshops

0:22:12 - Pyramids, preparing for the afterlife, grave robbers and curses

0:28:31 - Religion and gods

0:32:47 - Mummification and canopic jars

0:41:40 - Clothes, nakedness, make-up, hair, wigs, cosmetics, jewellery

0:47:26 - Dancing, music, leisure activities, games and art

0:51:21 - Hieroglyphs, the Rosetta Stone and scribes

0:55:22 - Schools, education, the decimal system, astronomy, the calendar and timekeeping

0:59:49 - Heather's medicine corner

1:02:28 - Women's rights, marriage, homosexuality and the legal system

1:06:46 - Temples

1:08:22 - Gavin's day as an ancient Egyptian

1:11:46 - Random things: animals, the lighthouse of Alexandria, the Great Sphinx

1:14:33 - Egyptology and the death of civilisations

1:17:08 - That's everything, goodbye!

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