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Alcohol - Friday 24th July 2009

This one took a while to edit, as the recording was a little more chaotic than normal (for reasons that will become horribly apparent). But I thought I'd better upload it before heading off on holiday! We'll return in a few weeks with a more sober episode.


We're back! - Thursday 2nd July 2009

Just a quick note to let you know that we've actually recorded another episode! For now, you can find it here; I'll update the feed and add show notes when I have the time. The latter half of this one gets a little technical, so pay attention!


University + work = busy busy - Sunday 2nd November 2008

Sorry, we do still exist and plan to continue with Encyclopod - in fact we recently acquired some new headsets which will hopefully make episodes from here on out easier on our hands and your ears. When I get rid of this part-time job I have at the moment, I pledge to start recording episodes again. Should be within the next few weeks, so rabid fans be patient!


Listen and you'll know what this is - Monday 15th September 2008

It's a work of art, isn't it? Speaking of which, the latest episode of Encyclopod, the one in which we talk about life in ancient Egypt, just went up. Yaaay, we're not dead! Though that doesn't stop us having some slightly morbid conversations. Enjoy.


Further delays - Saturday 6th September 2008

I hate to do this, but we have to move the next episode back another week, mostly because I underestimated the breadth of our subject and procrastinated until it was too late. But hey, at least we're learning all these lessons while no one's listening. By the time we have garnered a cult following, we should hopefully be equipped to provide cutting-edge rephrased Wikipedia entries on the roughly fortnightly schedule promised in my last update.

For now, the only people I truly need to apologise to are the friends with whom I went to London, for wandering off on my own in the British Museum and entering a trance-like state in the Egypt section, notebook in hand. Feel free to take that as a clue to our next subject.


The future of Encyclopod - Friday 29th August 2008

After some consideration I've decided that Encyclopod should be produced on a fortnightly rather than weekly schedule. This is because, with uni looming for many of us, we are becoming busier and busier. A show every two weeks seems a much friendlier idea to me now, and hopefully we'll be able to prepare a bit more thoroughly for episodes and the show won't suffer the delays and compromises that it would if we tried to produce it weekly. And if we ever feel crazily enthusiastic about a topic - hey, there's nothing to stop us doing a bonus show.

So the next episode should be released not this weekend but the one after - so p'raps the 7th of September or so. Hopefully anyone reading this will understand why we're doing this. I mean, it's not like you're paying to listen to us. We can do what we like. Nyah.

But regardless, thank you for your support. :)


Socks! - Sunday 24th August 2008

Enjoy what was left of the socks episode after the editing process. Our next show should be on something a little more substantial, but I'm not entirely sure when it'll be. Our RSS feed is, of course, the best way to keep up with new episodes.


Oh yeah - Thursday 21st August 2008

The elephants episode went up a few days ago, in case you didn't notice. I think it's the best of the three so far! Next episode will be around Sunday or Monday time, and should feature lots of talk about an everyday object we take for granted, as well as an outrageous new guest. Thrilling.


Second episode is up - Saturday 9th August 2008

Chocolate chocolate chocolate. What more is there to say? Well, all this for a start. I haven't compiled the sources and links yet, but will when my brain and I are reunited. Hope you enjoy.


Savour the anticipation - Thursday 7th August 2008

Apologies, but the second Encyclopod has been delayed a couple of days due to everyone being alternately busy and exhausted. I'm thinking we might change to releasing episodes at weekends so we can be sure to get them done in time. We're recording tomorrow morning, so look for an uncommonly delicious new show around Friday or Saturday, depending on how much people mess up and have to be edited.


Welcome - Thursday 31st July 2008

Welcome to the home of the Encyclopod podcast! We just finished our first episode, so the quickest way to find out what we're about may be to download it and listen, if your ears have an hour to spare. More website stuff should be clicking into place in the near future; for now you can take a look around and admire the old world charm of HTML.


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